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Anti-microbial wash 10%

Anti-microbial wash 10%

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Introducing our powerful Anti-Microbial Wash 10%, meticulously crafted with 10% benzyl Prock side to effectively address acne, hidradenitis, and cysts. Discover the remarkable benefits of this formulation:

- Targeted Treatment: Our Anti-Microbial Wash is specifically formulated to tackle acne, hidradenitis, and cysts, providing a potent solution for these skin concerns.
- High Concentration of Benzyl Prock Side: With a 10% concentration of benzyl Prock side, our wash delivers maximum strength to combat bacteria, reduce inflammation, and support healing.
- Comprehensive Skin Care: Experience comprehensive care as our wash targets multiple skin conditions, helping to promote clearer and healthier skin.
- Dermatologist Recommended: Trusted by dermatologists, our Anti-Microbial Wash is recommended for its effectiveness in addressing acne, hidradenitis, and cysts.

Unleash the power of our Anti-Microbial Wash 10%, expertly formulated with 10% benzyl Prock side to combat acne, hidradenitis, and cysts. Embrace its dermatologist-recommended formula for a targeted approach to achieving clearer and healthier skin.
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